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Our Specialist

Benny “Benjy” Abbott

Benny Abbott, Inspector"Benjy" began his career in 1987 working in the family’s industrial coatings application business.  He became involved with polyurea coatings around 1996 and seen uses for them in the industrial market.  He has a sincere passion for his job and takes every part of his job personal.

He often states that he is the one person that can truly say:

"I Love My Job!"

He is a NACE Certified Level III Coatings Inspector with the NACE Nuclear Facilities Certification #7953. He was one of the first 25 in the world to complete the NACE Nuclear Coatings Inspection Program and has recently completed a 5 month stay at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Generating Facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania during a scheduled steam generator change out. His work has taken him all over the United States, as well as, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

"Benjy" performs coatings consulting, coatings inspections, and is a certified instructor for the PDA (The Association for High Performance Elastomeric Technologies), SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings), and does private polyurea and spray foam instruction for a very well known polyurea and spray foam material supplier in the Pacific Northwest.

He works for many different companies and manufactures of coatings to promote the use of proper surface preparation and coating applications to help prevent as many coating failures as possible. He has extensive knowledge and experience in surface preparation for steel and concrete substrates for polyurea coatings, as well as, the needed application techniques and the proper use of plural component equipment in the industry today.

"Benjy's" passion is for the coatings industry and wants to teach everyone about coatings used in the industry today. He is the current PDA Education Committee Chairman complimented with the role of Technical Committee Chairman.

He resides in Jasper, Alabama and enjoys spending time with his family and friends and he has a long standing hobby of drum playing as well as building custom drum kits and snares that has been shipped around the world to professional players.