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Independent Coating Inspection

We document each phase of the job to help ensure the successful completion of the coating project per the specification.

We have over 25 years of experience in the Industrial Coating Field, and we are familiar with many different Surface preparation and Coating Application procedures. We are familiar with the maintenance of many existing structures or items in new construction, whether it is in the fabricating shop or in the field.

We verify that the contractor is complying with the project specifications and the manufacture’s printed data sheets and instructions.


Independent Coating Consulting

coating inspections

Having trouble with a particular coating system? Not sure which way to take your coatings department?

We can help! From material selections, to equipment selection, we can find a system right for the job. We can help you plan your job for your growth so that production stays on top. We offer a wealth of experience, gained through over 25 years in the Protective Coatings Industry.

When coating problems arise, Abbott Consulting & Coating Inspections has the experience, knowledge, and the technical resources to investigate the causes and develop the right solutions for your needs.

Offering coating consulting for all types of projects from manufacturing facilities, tanks, bridges, concrete surfaces, etc., we have experience with many coating types including:


Project Management

Field trained and experience project managers provide the experience necessary for the coating project to meet or exceed the intention of the written coating specification. We can provide the technical experience necessary for not only the proper outcome of the project but we have the trained ability to foresee and eliminate most problems before they occur.


Plant Survey for Existing Coatings Conditions

For existing facilities, we offer a complete plan to evaluate in detail the condition of the protective coatings in your facility for the coatings rehabilitation based on economics, appearance, overall exposure, and safety. We are experienced in plant maintenance coating programs, and can help you budget your next project.

We work with several different resources to find a system for your need.



coatings spraying

We provide in house training for experienced and non-experienced Industrial Coating personnel including:

An investment in training personnel in proper surface preparations, applications, and quality control procedures gives a better quality product to be applied. There is a saying, "We never have time to do it right the first time, but we always have time to do it again."

Having trained personnel on the job can make all the difference in the outcome...

 A difference of night and day!


Coating Specification Writing

Specifications are formulated to best facilitate your needs to properly protect your investment when you are having coating work completed by others. The written specification details the procedures to be followed, as well as, providing the documentation needed for any successful coating project to be completed based on allowable time frames, economics, and surface preparation and application techniques.

Having coating work done without a written coating specification can lead to many problems, such as misinterpreting verbal instructions, and the wrong coating system being selected (leading to shorter coating life span).

Let us write your next coating specification so that your future projects can be quoted on a level playing field.

Remember, the lowest price doesn’t always obtain the best job.


Failure Analysis

When a premature coating failure occurs, an investigation is often required to find out what caused the failure to occur in the first place.

Since the coating system was selected, specified, and applied at a prior time by other parties, the failure analysis investigation becomes a matter of collecting a great amount of evidence to determine the application and service conditions of the coating system used.

Steps to be taken include, but are not limited to the following list:

Failed Coatings

Each of these steps is required to reach an accurate conclusion and to provide the best economical corrective action recommendation for the problems found.

With the appropriate instrumentation, much information can be determined that is not readily observable, such as the thickness or existence of each coat applied, surface conditions, adhesion and cohesion of the coating system and so much more. Recommendations for corrective action are documented and based on common sense and judgment from other test methods developed from direct field experience with coating applications.


Product Testing

We are fortunate to have our own plural component spray equipment as well as several industry used plural component spray guns used in the industry to date.

We can take your spray material and spray dry films for physical property testing work as well as apply your coating material onto a vast array of substrates. We can give a independent study of how well your product sprayed as well as apply to many different substrates for further study and testing.

We also have our own industrial abrasive blast equipment so that we may be able to get the best desired surface cleanliness, as well as the profile needed to give the maximum adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

If you have something in mind, just give us a call or send us an e-mail to find out more about what we can do for you and your products.